Green Mamba Garden

    is a combination of Bar, Restaurant, Lounge
    and Beergarden in Kololi The Gambia.

    Traditional Concept

    The subtle construction style of the round bar with its grass roof recalls a luxurious Gambian Bantaba, the place, where the villagers would meet to exchange and discuss the latest news in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Chilling Athmosphere

    Feel welcome for a chat at the round bar with a fresh cold drink. If you prefer quiet time with your friends, feel free to hide away with a bucket of beers or even a bottle of noble wine on our marvellous hand carved “lazy chairs” and low tables. Watch the stars and let our waiters serve you one of our unique cocktails made with fresh local juices, such as baobab, tamarinde, kabba or dittah.

    Unique Offers

    Our bar always offers a rich assortment of local and imported soft drinks, beers, wines, liqueurs and spirits. Outstanding cocktail creations, made from locally produced juices are our speciality! We also offer diverse coffee and tea versions. If you are still looking for activity, you can find two pool tables right next to the bar. Further we offer funny games and puzzles for your entertainment.