Green Mamba Garden

    is a combination of Bar, Restaurant, Lounge
    and Beergarden in Kololi The Gambia.

    The Beer Garden

    The beergarden officially opened in october 2007 for the beer festival, organized in cooperation with Julbrew Breweries. As a small version of the “Octoberfest”, it was the first of its kind in the Gambia.

    Constructions and artworks

    The artistic carving of benches and tables already started during the summer months in 2007. Sculptures and other wooden artworks in the lush tropical garden round up the usual exotic style of the Green Mamba Beer Garden. As the extension shall not minor the attentive service, another bantaba-like bar has been integrated carefully in the lovely beergarden setting.

    Food, Drinks and Movies

    The natural shaped benches and tables are now part of the restaurant and form a perfect space for larger groups having a luxurious dinner banquette or just a few drinks from the new bar. For the future a grill is planned on the side to extend also our restaurant offer. Once or twice a week a part of the beergarden will function as an open air movie theater, where you can enjoy the relaxed after dinner atmosphere with delicious cocktails and free popcorn. Ask at the bar for the latest movie schedule!